OLIECO Knee Joint Support Pads


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1. 3 carbon steel springs, strong compression resistance, high elasticity and high power, wear and travel decompression;

2. Diving fabrics are flexible, light and comfortable, and do not deform for long-term use;

3. High-adhesive Velcro is fixed, easy to fasten, not easy to fall off;

4. Stabilize the upper and lower patella and reduce the pressure on the knee;

5. The compression performance is improved, and the impact of the knee is cushioned during running and jumping;

6. Relieve knee fatigue and wear;

7. Strengthen knee strength, increase knee strength by 40kg when squatting;

Precautions For Use:

1. With the help of a booster, the knee fold will have a certain angle (about 45 degrees) to start the elastic effect. The principle is that when the elasticity starts from 0 degrees, the knee joint is not very soft.

2. The knee pads are equipped with three springs. When the knee flexed about 45 degrees, the rebound assistant began to assist the climb, carrying heavy objects and seriously injured knee.

3. It is recommended to use three springs for walking and climbing; for running and cycling, it is recommended to adjust 1-2 springs.


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