MQFORU MQ Anti Smoking Patch


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Each day you smoke less and gradually reduce you nicotine dependence while preparing yourself to quit for good.
Acting under the skin directly (part of the sensitive nervous system), it lowers the dependence to nicotine.
Suitable group: 
Voluntary quitters and people who want to inhibit smoking addiction in a short time.
​Unsuitable group:
Pregnant women, breast feeding women, heart disease or severe hypertension patient, allergic person, children.
1. 100% natural herbal ingredients.It will not hurt your body, safe, effective and healthy smoking cessation.
2. Easy to use, convenient and effective, it can be attached to multiple parts of the body without a fixed position.
3. Ajust dosage according to the volume of the smoking and the skin absorption, gradually lighten your smoking addiction and your lungs will no longer suffer more damage, promote physical health.
How to Use:
1. Take out a patch, remove the protective film, and stick it on a clean, dry area. (wrist, upper arm, chest, thigh)
2. Apply it in the morning, remove it in the evening. Avoid applying in the same position when replacing new patches to avoid over-irritating the skin.
3. Usage reference: 2 patches per day in the first week (simultaneous use), 1.5 patches per day for the second week and the third week, 1 patch per day for the fourth week, and half a day for the fifth week. (Appropriate increase or decrease according to the amount of smoke and body weight).
Ingredients: Nicotine, ethanol, pressure sensitive adhesive, camphor, spices.
Storage Methods: Sealed, keep in a place protecting from light and cool. 
Shelf Life: 3 years
Package Include:
7 Pcs OR 14 Pcs Packages

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