Medical Isolation Goggles


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Non-Medical Product Disclaimer:

Our PPE products are for non medical consumer daily use, they can help you stop touching your face, catch droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Together with washing hands, social distancing, and hand sanitizers, they stay the best ways to prevent germs spread.


Medical Isolation Goggles -     Eye mask with head loop

Product use: 

  • Prevents body fluids, liquid splashes, and other direct external particles to penetrate the eyes

  • Use with caution for skin allergies

  • Product is non sterile and it not suitable for use in a  sterile environment

Step for usage: 

  • Open the package and take out the product

  • Pull the opening hoop to the size of the head or adjust the bracket to a suitable position, and bring the medical isolating  eye mask

  • Adjust the eye mask, headband or bracket to fit the eye  completely

Storage and transportation:

The product should be stored in a well ventilated room with relative humidity less than 75%, no corrosive gas erosion.



-Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.-

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