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1671/2  Kit Periodental Advanced

Content :

1021/1 Pocket marking tweezer

1021/2 Pocket marking tweezer

1200 Sharpening stone Arkansas

3512 Scissor Iris Curved

548/4 PT Probe CP15

633/8.HL8 Curette Younger-Good

634/7.HL8 Periodontal knife Goldman-Fox N. 7

634/9.HL8 Periodontal knife Goldman-Fox N. 9

634/11.HL8 Periodontal knife Goldman-Fox N. 11

651/U15-33.HL8 Scaler Towner-Jaquette

669/1-2.HL8 Gracey curette short type

669/5-6.HL8 Gracey curette short type

669/7-8.HL8 Gracey curette short type

669/11-12.HL8 Gracey curette short type

669/13-14.HL8 Gracey curette short type

851/HP3 Periosteal HP3

882 Periosteal Molt N. 9

981/19 Gammafix tray Quatri

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