HD BEAUTY 3in1 RF Beauty Device


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Radio frequency Tightening System, uses its 5MHZ variable frequency system to rapidly alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative in order to set the optimum applicable frequency.
RF produces heat when the tissues electricalresistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues causes the immediate tissue contraction. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. It will largely help to achieve the best treatment result and make the skin tightening, smooth, and fresh.
The New 5MHZ RF wave passes about 2 to 4cm into the fatty skin layer causing breakdown of the fat membrane, so fat is released and picked up by the lymphatic system and disposed of by the liver for excretion. Thus cellulite and body contouring can be improved.
Multipole RF
Relieve eye fatigue
Tight Lift
Lighten wrinkles
Lighten dark circles
Smooth and moist
Product Name: RF Skin Beauty instrument
Time: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes
RF output frequency: 5m
Screen: LED digital display
Power input voltage: 100v-240v
Gear: 7
Power output current: 2A
Power: 50W
Number of handles: 2
Package size: 31cm * 20.2cm * 7.5cm
3 modes: Body / face / eyes
Host size: 17cm * 12cm * 5cm

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