Energy Beauty Bar - Golden Pulse Roller Face Therapy


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Energy Beauty Bar - Golden Pulse Roller Face Therapy


3D Roller Facial Therapy: The roller surface diamond-grade cut small diamond shape and unique 3D "V" type design to fit the whole body tension curve.

A combination of two firming face roller, increase blood circulation, reduce tightness, wrinkles and rejuvenate skin.

Easy to Use: Providing a gentle therapy to the skin twist on/off activation. The use of double drainage roller, simulated massage master complex kneading techniques, so that you enjoy the SPA class therapy comfort experience.

Power Supply: Requires one AA batteries (not included ). Vibration frequency: About 6,000 times/minute.

Anti-aging Device: Activate skin cells metabolism, restore skin firmness and elasticity, preventing the aging, enhancing immunity. Through the metal microwave action on the skin, and enhance the skin elasticity activity, while promoting blood circulation, improve facial wrinkles, dilute facial spots, restore skin luster.

High Frequency Vibration therapy, let your skin keep exercising 

Anti-aging Device

- With new kneading technology, relieve sensitivity skin, promotes face lifting skin tightening, body shaping, and improves blood

circulation, alleviates tension. 

- Preventing the skin aging, skin Tightening, therapy for body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back it can achieve effect of face


Waterproof Design

- 3D Waterproof Roller with 360 degrees rotate design adapt to the whole body skin. 

- Can be used with cosmetics for therapy, promote better absorbtion for products of skin care. 

- Can be used with bath lotion which promote the therapy for the whole body, ensure the skin metabolism and make skin much more


- Create healthy skin anywhere.

Power Supply

- Our Energy Beauty Bar requires one AA battery(not included).

- Vibration frequency: About 6000 times/minute. 

- It's the perfect amount for facials and hand care, you can achieve vital and lush skin, To keep your skin more delicate and energetic by lon micro-vibration.

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