Diana Baby Diaper Mini 44pcs -D-02216

Diana Baby Diaper Mini 44pcs -D-02216


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Diana Baby Diaper Mini 44pcs -D-02216

2 Mini 3-6 kg
44 Nappies - unisex

Silky texture
The specific soft silky texture of DIANA BABY immediately absorbs wetness and moves it down to the green layer special to DIANA BABY.

Rapidly absorbing disperse system -Thanks to the green layer special to DIANA BABY, wetness is rapidly absorbed, dispersed into the diapers and blocked. As the result of this, your baby’s skin is kept continuously dry. 

Barriers preventing leakage 
These water-resistant non-woven barriers provide extra prevention against leaks even if your baby is in motion. 

Adjustable side bands
You can adjust your baby’s diaper in the best position and control it many times. They do not get affected by water, oil and baby powder. 

Elastic bands
The elastic bands of DIANA BABY do not cause irritation your baby’s sensitive skin and enables your baby to move comfortably.

Full protection, day and night 
You can use DIANA BABY diapers day and night, thanks to its characteristics.

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