Cofoe Pediatric Stethoscope


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Cofoe Single Headed Stethoscope Professional EMT Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope Medical Auscultation Device for Doctor Nurse

Cofoe Stethoscope is multifunctional single headed stethoscope and designed for all auscultation. It can be used for adult and infant with different sizes of diaphragm and bell. It is widely applied for cardiovascular and respiratory auscultation in hospital, clinic, school, or home.

This latex-free single-head stethoscope features a lightweight polished aluminum chest piece and flexible  PVC tubing. The upgrade gourd soft earplugs can rotate for a comfortable fit, and come complete with ABS ear tips.

Material of chest piece: Zinc Alloy
Color: Dark Blue
Material of Binaural: Copper
Material of Tube: PVC
Diameter of head: 48 mm
Function: Used for the acoustic changes of human heart, lungs and organs

Packing included:
1* Gift box, 1*stethoscope, 2*earplugs
medical equipment stethoscope

  • Single-head stethoscope with polished zinc alloy chest piece
  • High Quality Single tube design, PVC tube thicken 4mm
  • Comfortable and soft enclosed-type earpieces
  • Soft silicone earplugs to ensure strong sealing, comfortable to wear and prevent ear discomfort.
  • Humanistic design of cold-proof ring to reduce the stimulation of cold metal on the patient.


Usage Method

1. The auscultation environment needs to be in a quiet room to avoid interference

2. Do not auscultate through the clothes. The stethoscope needs to be in direct contact with the skin to obtain the exact auscultation effect.

3. According to the condition and the need of auscultation, the patient should take appropriate position.

4. Stethoscope should used correctly. The stethoscope usually consists of three parts: earphone, body position, and hose.

The length should be corresponding to the doctor's arm. Check the tube and hose lumen before use.

5. Attention is concentrated during auscultation. When listening to the lungs, the disturbance of heart sound should be removed. When listening to heart sounds,
the disturbance of breathing sound should be removed. If necessary, the patient should control the breathing then auscultate.

Cofoe Stethoscope Care

1. The diaphragm of the auscultation head must be kept intact and the diaphragm is not loose.

2. Stethoscope should be placed in a dry and ventilated room. Do not touch acid, alkali or corrosive objects.

3. The auscultation head must be disinfected frequently with alcohol.

4. Do not exercise vigorously during auscultation.


Disclaimer: This item may be intended for use by healthcare professionals only.

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