Cofoe Double Auditory Tube Stethoscope


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Multi-function Pathological Analysis Equipment Stethoscope is designed to listen to the internal noises of the human body. This product features a dual-head chest piece and one-piece molded PVC tubing for excellent sound quality and transmission. The lightweight build with adjustable binaural are used for comfort, and this product is designed for medical purposes.

Material of Chest piece: Zinc Alloy
Color: Dark Blue
Material of Tube: PVC
Material of Binaural: Copper
Diameter of Head: 48 mm
Function: Used for the acoustic changes of the human heart, lungs and other organs

  • RUGGED DURABILITY & HIGH ACOUSTIC RESPONSE - The chest piece is precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance. The unit comes in a foam lined box with two extra sets of soft sealing ear tips and one diaphragm.
  • SAFE MATERIAL - Made of medical high-density non-toxic PVC material. Flexible PVC tubing is used in standard single-chamber designs, including soft silicone earplugs to alleviate the pain of ear bone compression caused by long-term auscultation. The stainless steel head is clear and the sound does not decay during transmission.
  • ACCURATE - Correct auscultation ensures you get the most accurate patient vital signs information. Durable and non-breakable, the built-in two-channel conduction feature ensures original sound transmission.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - In addition to being used for medical care, this can also be used at home. Stethoscope holders for babies, pregnant women and the elderly can use this high-precision stethoscope to detect physical condition.
  • COMFORT - The double cold ring reduces the metallic feel that is exposed to the skin, providing a comfortable experience for the patient. The stethoscope is lightweight and can be carried around without causing any discomfort, so you can take it with you on the go, at work, everywhere in your home.


Disclaimer: This item may be intended for use by healthcare professionals only.

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