BUY 2 Get 1: Portable Air Purification Card


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BUY 2 Get 1: Portable Air Purification Card

Effectively help you block Germs floating in the space

Portable Neck Hanging Lanyard Air Purification Card

Portable Purification Card effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses by producing and slowly releasing chlorine dioxide. Also, the card is considered an air freshener, so it works as a air purifier and perfumer at the same time, it prevents allergens, diseases and airborne pathogens according to the product producers.


How to use:    open the sealed pack to remove the card and wear the lanyard on your body, do not use in case of allergy.

Tips:    please use with masks during special epidemics.

Applicable places:    crowded places such as buses, subways, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Principle of action:    continuously emits silent chlorine dioxide by interacting with air to decompose viruses and bacteria contained in the surrounding air.

Material Content:    Chlorine Dioxide Powder,  Natural and Herbal Preservatives & Flavescens

Shelf Life:    Up to 30 Days from opening the sealed pack

Features:    Portable, Easy to Carry, Air Purification

Card Size:     10cm x 7cm (Approx.)

Outer Package Size:    15cm x 9cm x 1cm (Approx.)

Package Includes:    1 Card & 2 Hanging Lanyards



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