BUY 1 Get 1:Natural Depilatory Wax Hair Remover

BUY 1 Get 1:Natural Depilatory Wax Hair Remover


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BUY 1 Get 1: Natural Depilatory Wax Hair Remover


  • 100% brand new
  • The Depilatory Wax
  • Excellent for strong & fine hairs.
  • Contains moisturizing Cocoa Butter, excellent for dry skin.
  • Large fixed roller head is ideal for leg waxing.
  • Provides a thin, economic and hygienic application.
  • Developed for all types of skin.
  • For hair removal on all body parts.
How to use wax hair removal?
Step 1: Pour wax beans in a bowl
Step 2: Set the dial to the wax setting 
Step 3: Set a suitable wax temperature after the wax has melted 
Step 4: Apply the wax over the skin 
Step 5: Peel off the wax 
Step 6: Apply aloe vera gel or a lotion to the treated skin area 
Bag Size: 10*6.3*2 cm 
Weight: 100 grams

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