BEEMYI Portable Insulin Storage Cooler


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1) Refrigeration dimension(LxWxH): 170mmx45mmx24mm
2) Dimension(LxWxH): 193mmx80mmx73mm
3) Inner temperature: 2-8°C(under 25°C)
4) Power adapter input/output voltage: AC100V-240V/DC 5V
5) Power adapter output current: 2A
6) Battery voltage: DC3.7V
7) Battery capacity: 8000m AH
8) Rating power: 3.5W (lithium mode)/5W (adapter mode)


1) On/Off: make sure the power is on, hold on "on/off" with the sound of dropping, then screen will light, it will show the inner temperature, time, battery capacity. The back light of screen will automatically off after 20 second without any operation. If you want to turn off the machine, press the "on/off" key more than 3 seconds.

2) Set: press "set" can set the hour time on standby state, double press "set" can set the minute.

3) One Key to Set: press "setM more than 3 seconds when the machine is on standby state, can set the temperature automatically according the environment temperature.

4) "Increase/Decrease" : on standby state press it can set the refrigeration temperature; on time state press it can increase/decrease the time. Press other any key to quit, the range of the set temperature is 2-25°C.

5) HEALTH cooler box have been checked about the date set before leaving the factory, the default cooling temperature is 6°C.

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