DISIYING 6 Cavity Air Wave Massager


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Please choose a suitable package according to your needs.
The contents of the packages are as follows:
A: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs
B: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + belt
C: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + belt + 1 upper limb
D: 1 air pump + lower limb + 1 upper limb
E: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 2 upper limbs
F: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 1 upper limb
G: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 2 upper limbs + belt
H: 1 air pump +1 lower limb + 1 upper limb +1 belt
I: 1 air pump + lower limbs
The device can only use two sleeves at a time. If too many sleeves are used, the pressure will be insufficient.
Basic Parameters:
1. The pressure intensity range of the massager is about 30~240mmhg.
2. The ultimate positive pressure in the airbag should not exceed 40kpa, and the duration should exceed 3kpa.
3. Timing settings.
The air pump can be set for 0~30 minutes. It is recommended to use less than 30 minutes per use.
4. Pressure resistance.
The sleeve and connecting tube should withstand a maximum of 1.5 times the maximum pressure. And it will remain unchanged for more than 5 minutes.
5. Fatigue test.
After the maximum pressure standard of the sleeve type massager is 50,000 times. The sleeve does not deform.
6. The noise during equipment operation should be less than 50 decibels.
The 6-cavity air wave function provides a full-scale massage from the toes to the roots of the thighs.
Pneumatic massage is more comfortable than other electronic or physical superconducting instruments.
The massage speed is similar to the heart rate, so it feels more relaxed.
Pneumatic massage to avoid the risk of electric shock.
Simply deflate the trachea and easily deflate
The pressure adjustment button makes it easy to control the pressure.
The massage time can be set according to your own physical condition.
Easy to use and low noise.



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