3M ESPE Pentamix™ 2 - Impression Mixing Device

3M ESPE Pentamix™ 2 - Impression Mixing Device


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77959 Pentamix™ 2

Automatic mixing unit for impression materials

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Device key features:

• Economical, no waste of material

• Highly efficient workflow, saving you time and money

• Reliable mixing results

Benefits of automatic mixing

• Time-saving: Simply add your impression materials to the device and push a button. Benefit from a more efficient workflow plus higher productivity.

• Reliable: Benefit from homogeneous and void-free mixtures of consistent quality.

• Economical: Dispense only the amount of material you need and reduce waste.

• Hygienic: Reduce the risk of cross-contamination by direct filling of tray and syringe. And patients are not exposed to unnecessary health risks.

Pentamix™ 2 Technical Data:

Mains voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz (internat. version)

Power consumption 1.5 A (internat. Version)

Rate of cross-member feed 22.5 mm/min

Gear ratio 50 Hz main voltage => 1630:1 60 Hz main voltage => 1950:1

Mixer shaft speed 375 rpm

Rate of dispensing 85 ml/min (Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Quick) (depending on the material)


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