3D Vibrating Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Holder


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3D Vibrating Powder Puff Makeup Sponge Holder

Functions: Similar to the pat of a professional makeup artist, multi-functional skin care makeup, vibration press to promote skin health.
Material: Environment-friendly ABS and Latex Cotton
Power Supply: Button Battery(Included)
Unit Size: 7*5 cm

Unit Weight: 164g
Accessories: Gift Box, English Manual, USB cable.

Packaging Size: 7*3*25 inches

3D Vibrating Powder Puff -- Metal Case + Makeup Sponge Holder
Good condition plastic material, sturdy and durable, safe and non-toxic, no peculiar smell and no harm to human body.
Ergonomic design, mini size easy to carry, user-friendly, cap with powder puff, convenient to fill and use, soft powder puff and sifter, can apply loose powder evenly without agglomeration.
Widely used for makeup powder storage, such as loose powder, blusher, glitter, foundation powder, finishing powder and other cosmetic items, ideal tools for travelling.


  • Exquisite powder puff: The automatic makeup is more delicate and uniform than the manual beating, The bottom makeup is clear, transparent, bright, uniform, say good-bye to the sense of silty accumulation.
  • Micro frequency vibration: vibration frequency, it can massage facial skin at the same time of makeup, relax the face, long-term use can eliminate edema.
  • Mini and Portable: Mini size, does not occupy makeup bag space, become your own professional makeup artist, you can carry it with you.
Soft Powder Puff Inside
  • High performance powder offers great coverage while looking completely natural. 
  • Formulated for high definition filming, the lightweight, velvety powder provides flawless results yet remains invisible to the camera. 
  • Photo-chromatic pigments adjust with the lighting to create a natural, yet perfected look in all settings. 
  • Micro fine particles create an optical blurring effect so skin appears flawless.

Method of Use
1. Disinfect with alcohol cotton. 
2. Put the foundation or BB cream into the box, until the height of one third, not too much to prevent the foundation easy to overflow when put the sponge into the box. Wait for two minutes, let the foundation liquid penetrate evenly, with a small spoon or cotton swab gently press to more evenly. 
3. If you think the liquid foundation is less, you can increase some liquid foundation, and then use a spoon to pressure evenly.

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