3 ply Luxury Printed Face Mask with Drawer Box Design - (40 pcs)


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Non-Medical Product Disclaimer:

Our PPE products are for non medical consumer daily use, they can help you stop touching your face, catch droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Together with washing hands, social distancing, and hand sanitizers, they stay the best ways to prevent germs spread.


3 ply Luxury Printed Face Mask with Drawer Box Design 
Instruction for Use: 

  • Flatten the mask with the nose wire on top. Then hang the bands over each ear. 
  • Pinch nose wire right at the nasal bridge to prevent dirty air.
  • Pull down the mask below the chin and press it right across the maxillary bone. 
This product is disposable  and cannot be used after cleaning. The mask should be stored as flat as possible after using, and the nose bridge strip above the mask should not be folded frequently for extending the using time. Not recommended for children under three years of age due to low vital capacity. 

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