Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Non-Medical Product Disclaimer:

Our PPE products are for non medical consumer daily use, they can help you stop touching your face, catch droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Together with washing hands, social distancing, and hand sanitizers, they stay the best ways to prevent germs spread.


Non Contact Infrared Thermometer  - Model No. WDKL-EWQ-001

(Battery Not Included)

CE, FC, FDA, RoHS Certified 

Product Specifications: 

  • Product Composition: The Infrared thermometer is mainly composed of a detector, buttons, screen

  • Scope of Application: It is suitable for measuring the forehead temperature of human body

  • Safety Classification: The device cannot be used in the case of flammable anesthetics gas mixed with air and the mixture or nitrous oxide

  • Temperature unit: C/F

  • Measuring Distance: 3-5 cm 

  • Resolution: +0.2 c

  • temperature Display range: 32c - 42.9c

  • Maximum allowable error: 35c - 42c

  • Measuring time: 1 second

  • Display Mode: LCD display 

  • Power Management: Automatic shutdown without operation 

  • Power: DC 3V (2AAA Batteries)

  • Body Weight: about 105g


  • Do not allow children under 12 years of age to touch the infrared thermometer alone

  • Do not use thermometer for non-intended purposes

  • The Infrared Thermometer is not waterproof, Do not immerse in the water or other liquids,

  • Do not store the infrared thermometer in extreme environment

  • When measuring in sound mode, keep the infrared thermometer and forehead at a distance of 2-5 cm. Do not move the infrared thermometer until a beep sound

  • If the infrared thermometer is damage, do not continue using it, do not repair it by yourself, and do not insert sharp objects into the detector or other openings. 

  • Infrared thermometer is not suitable for premature infants or infants under gestational age

  • Do not hold the detector during the measurement



Battery Not Included

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